Consider a creative writing minor!

Check out the creative writing minor option here. The courses below are part of the creative writing minor and will be offered Fall 2022:

  • ENGL 2206: Creative Writing Workshop: 01: MW 11-11:50 and 02: TR 11-12:15
  • ENGL 2211: Introduction to Literary Analysis: 01: TR 11-12:15 and 02: MWF 1-1:50
  • ENGL 2257: Survey of World Literature I: 01-05: MW 11- 12:15
  • ENGL 2267: Survey of British Literature I: 01: MWF 10-10:50

Register for Creative Writing Workshop next semester! ENGL 2206: “Creative Writing Workshop” is a great way try your hand at short stories, poetry, and creative nonfiction. No previous experience necessary.

Offered almost every semester, ENGL 2206 is the only prerequisite for other exciting creative writing-focused classes. In ENGL 4409/5509: “Literary Magazine Production,” students select which submissions will be published in that year’s issue of Black Rock & Sage, ISU’s student journal of creative works. Offered every other fall, ENGL 4405/5505: “Creative Writing in the Schools” is half creative writing workshop and half pedagogy class. Students lead fun writing activities for 4th/5th graders at Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy.

A minor for all things major! If you enjoy ENGL 2206: “Creative Writing Workshop,” consider a minor in creative writing! A creative writing minor pairs nicely with a wide variety of majors. It’s a rewarding set of courses with a very reasonable credit load.