Visiting Writer Series

Sponsored in part by Black Rock & Sage and Creative Writing at ISU

Spring 2023–Prose: Joanna Howard, March 30 at 6 in the Valentine Ballroom (100 S Arthur)

Fall 2022–Poetry: Matthew James Babcock, October 19 at 5 in the Bengal Cafe

Fall 2021–Poetry: Lance Larsen, September 30

Spring 2020–Prose: Stephen Tuttle, February 6

Fall 2019–Poetry: Lauren Camp – Migration & Exile, September 9

Spring 2019–Poetry: Robin Behn, February 8

Fall 2018—Prose, David Wanczyk, November 7

Fall 2018–Welcome to ISU Reading: Mari Christmas and J. Reuben Appelman, October 18

Spring 2018–Prose: Matthew James Babcock, February 7-8

Fall 2017—Prose: Christian Winn, Idaho Writer in Residence, September 15

Fall 2017–Poetry: Chris Howell, November 8

Spring 2017—Prose: Shawn Vestal, March 8

Fall 2016—Poetry: Matt Daly, October 13

Spring 2016—Prose: Mike Mejia, February 11-17

Fall 2015—Poetry: Laura Stott,

Spring 2015—Prose: Jenny Colville

Spring 2014—Prose: Nicole Walker, March 19

Fall 2013—Poetry: Ben Gunsberg, October 9-10

Spring 2013—Prose: Alyson Hagy, February 26

Fall 2012—Prose: Jennifer Sinor and Poetry: Michael Sowder, October 19