BR&S Showcase: “Love” (2016)

Black Rock & Sage Issue 15 (2016)

By Tom Flynn

Two dodos trying to build a nest.
All assertions-unsure jabs:
pushing sticks into and out of piles,
squawking about designs and time,
dreaming of a product beyond the builder’s means,
rubbing faces and useless wings,
in love.  They wag their asses
in celebration of the stick pile’s new form.
Lacking allusions to make sense of where they stand,
they bond as unique and believe in their dream
of formidable walls made of spit, mud and sticks-
withstanding thwarts of wind, rain and time.

Rain–has them waddle this evening, under thunder,
to the close, dense bush to huddle side by side
and watch and wonder if their heap will wash away.

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