Week Six Thoughts

As we approach week seven of the semester, I can honestly say that it has only been the last two or even three weeks that I’ve started to feel more confident navigating Zoom. And that’s been particularly hard for me to accept because, I’m a perfectionist, and for me personally, this has sometimes meant being too hard on myself when learning something new or making mistakes. Since the beginning of the semester, I would say being a perfectionist combined with being fairly new to Zoom, then, has meant that I’ve been harder on myself than what I should have been on those days where a Zoom session didn’t go as expected—particularly during those instances where I’m talking and it takes me an extra few seconds to realize that I haven’t selected the unmute button. I think I began the semester with the expectation that I would be able to figure out how to use Zoom right away, as both a student and a teacher. But what I wasn’t reminding myself, and what I’ve only been able to discover now that we’re several weeks into the semester, is that Zoom, like everything else, is a learning process—there are going to be days that don’t go smoothly and I may even feel a little awkward, but there will be moments where everything is going well too, and that’s just the learning process. So as we make our way towards midterms, I know that for the second half of the semester, it’s going to be important for me to become more aware of those moments when I want everything to work perfectly, and similarly (and as my dad keeps reminding me), to remember that I’m still learning, too.

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