May Staff Picks

A few members of the Black Rock & Sage staff have some great reading & viewing recommendations for the month of May. Check them out below!

Jeff Howard, Editor-in-Chief:
I think I am going to take a different route this month and select a piece of media that I can’t get enough of right now: Arrow. I am currently blitzing through Season 2, and I am thoroughly hooked. In the first season, Stephen Amell’s acting was a bit stiff, but it didn’t matter because his action sequences were amazing. Now his acting has improved and has become a nice complement to his parkour/martial arts/arrow-shooting skill set. Team Arrow has grown by a couple more people in this season, and the dynamic is addictive. Felicity Smoak is probably my favorite member of the team. Even though she doesn’t throw punches and kicks or kill bad guys, her awkward nerdiness is totally lovable. I am going to stop writing this review now because I have to get back to binge-watching.

Anelise Farris, Poetry Editor: 

Over spring breBaitak I received Bait: Off-Color Stories for You to Color by Chuck Palahniuk, and it has taken me an embarrassingly long time to finish it. I am happy to report that I finished it this weekend, and the time it took me to get through it is simply due to the fact that it is both a coloring book and a short story anthology. I am a fan of the adult coloring book trend, but Palahniuk’s book takes this to a whole new level, not only in terms of the label adult (as anyone familiar with Palahniuk’s work should expect) but also in the sense that this is actually a book of short stories. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the short stories, though some are certainly better than others, and I have to say that coloring Palahniuk’s stories added a whole new level to experiencing his skill as a storyteller. If you are a fan of Palahniuk and coloring, Bait is a must!

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